Minecraft Potions | Potion Recipes Chart

Minecraft Potions Recipes Chart

You can learn how Minecraft potions are made from this table. By making potions in Minecraft, you can get effects of speed, power, etc.

When you select an effect, you will see the potion chart. If you know nothing about brewing potion, scroll down This content is current for the year 2021.

Minecraft Potion Recipes

There is no guide for brewing potions in the Minecraft. You can learn how to brew potions in this guide.

Minecraft Brewing Potions

Some equipment is required to brew potions. You cannot brew potions without these equipment.

Required equipment for brewing potions:

  • Minecraft Brewing Stand

    Brewing Stand

    The potion brewing process is done on this stand. Requirements for crafting: Cobblestone x3, blaze rod x1. Blaze rod drops from Blaze mobs in the Nether

  • Minecraft Blaze Powder

    Blaze Powder

    It is used as fuel in the brew stand. You can get 2 blaze powder by putting a blaze rod in the crafting table.Blaze rod drops from Blaze mobs in the Nether

  • Minecraft Water Bottle

    Water Bottle

    With the glass bottle, you can get a water bottle by filling it by right clicking on a water source. It can also be obtained by right-clicking on the water filled cauldron. However, this way does not make much sense as the water in the boiler is exhausted.

Minecraft Fueling The Brewing Stand

Fueling The Brewing Stand

To fill the brew stand with fuel, put the blaze powder in the slot at the top left. You will see that the bar is filled with fuel.

As you brew the potion, the amount in the fuel tank will decrease. Put more blaze powder in the fuel slot for long lasting use.

Minecraft Brewing a potion of swiftness


Find out which items are needed for the potion you want to make from the chart above. Put the items required for the potion you want to make in the correct order in the slot of the brewing stand.Each phase takes 20 seconds to occur. Make sure there is fuel. Otherwise, brewing will not occur. You can see the sample potion making on the gif we have prepared.