How to Make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft

A brewing stand is needed to make potions in Minecraft. You can get the brewing stand in two ways. By finding it or crafting it.

Brewing Stand Crafting & Recipe

Brewing Stand Recipe With Cobblestone
Brewing Stand Recipe With Blackstone

You can use either cobblestone or blackstone while crafting the brewing stand. 3x Cobblestone or blackstone, 1x fire rod is required. If you have a blaze rod it will be easy to crafting. If you don’t have Blaze Rod, you will have to go to the Nether for this. After finding a castle in the Nether, look for the Blaze monsters that dropped this rod.

Finding a Brewing Stand

If you don’t have blaze rod yet and need to craft potions, there is one more solution. Instead of crafting the Brewing Stand, find it!

Finding a Brewing Stand in The Village

You can find a brewing stand inside this cobblestone structure you see in the villages. Probably before you find it, any villager has adopted the stand as their job site.

Job Site and Villager

If you break the stand, the villager will lose their job. If you put it back somewhere, it will come back to accept it as a job site.


Request! You have taken the first step towards brewing potions.

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